Lei Contest Rules & Application

General Guidlines


The 2018 Lei Day Heritage Festival Lei Contest is sponsored by the Maui Historical Society in association with The Haynes Family Foundation, and the L. H. Dorcy Hawaiian Foundation.


Contestants must reside in Maui County. All contestants are allowed one entry per person. All contest submissions must be the contestant’s own original idea, newly completed, never entered in any other contests, exhibitions, or displays and must be conceptualized, created, and completed solely by the contestant. We encourage all age groups and abilities to participate.


DIVISION I EXHIBITION & DISPLAY– Open to the public, one entry per person, no entry fee.

DIVISION II LIVE PRESENTATION– By invitation only, three lei entries, main stage presentation.


Application available to download or call (808) 244-3326. Completed application and waiver are due with submission of entry on or before Monday, APRIL 30, 2018. All contest submissions shall be treated as being free of restrictions and limitations on their use, reproduction, and publication. By entering your submission with completed application and signed waiver forms, you grant the Maui Historical Society and Hale Hō`ike`ike/Bailey House Museum permission to hold the artwork for display, photograph, copyright, publish, reproduce, sell, and use in all forms of public media in whatever way deemed appropriate by the Maui Historical Society and Hale Hō`ike`ike at the Bailey House staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors.


In Division I Exhibition & Display, Grand Prize and Honorable Mention will be awarded in each category.
Grand Prize: $100 Prize Bundle and One-Year Free MHS Membership
Honorable Mention: $50 Prize Bundle and One-Year Free MHS Membership

In Division II Live Presentation, all contestants will receive one-year free MHS membership.
Community Choice Award: Cash Prize (Money from Community Choice Ballots)
Lei Day Overall Winner: $300 Cash and Prize Bundle 


  • All entries will be judged and awarded by a panel selected by the Maui Historical Society staff.
  • There is no procedure for protest; all decisions of the judges are final.
  • All entries are required to measure between 24-inches to 30-inches and must remain untied.
  • Materials utilized may not exhibit any profanity or be noxious, malodorous, or bedraggled. Materials must be affixed firmly to your lei and not come apart with reasonably careful handling.
  • Entries must be accompanied by a completed application and signed certification statement.
  • The Maui Historical Society is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage.
  • Entries may be picked up after the competition at Hale Hō`ike`ike at the Bailey House between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.All entries not claimed by Wednesday, MAY 2, 2018 AT 4:00 PM BECOME THE PROPERTY OF THE MAUI HISTORICAL SOCIETY/HALE HŌ`IKE`IKE/BAILEY HOUSE MUSEUM.  No entries will be held for pickup in our offices beyond this date.

Division I Rules & Guidelines 

Division I Categories

All lei entries must be between 24-inches to 30-inches long and left untied. Each entry in Division I Exhibition & Displaymust fall into only one (1) of the following categories:

  1. FRESH FOLIAGE & FLOWERS– Fresh leaves, flowers, berries, other greens, seaweeds and other fresh foliage gathered from nature within one week of entry submission.
  2. NATURAL MATERIALS– Includes dried foliage, dried flowers, seeds, beans, shells, feathers, and other natural materials gathered from nature.
  3. RECYCLED MATERIALS– Recycled and/or reused materials of natural or manmade origin.

Division I Entry Deadline

All entries for Division I Exhibition & Display must be submitted to Hale Hō`ike`ike at the Bailey Houseat 2375-A Main Street, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 96793, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, on Monday, APRIL 30, 2018.  Late entries will not be accepted.

Division I Judging Guidelines

  1. Judging guidelines by category are as follows:
    • Fresh Foliage Category– Entry will be rated on incorporation of fresh and natural foliage and flowers (minimum 90% of visible lei), effective integration of all elements, comprehensive theme, composition and technique, artistic originality, and overall attractiveness.
    • Natural Materials Category– Entry will be rated on incorporation of natural materials (minimum of 90% of visible lei), effective integration of all elements, comprehensive theme, composition and technique, artistic originality, and overall attractiveness.
    • Recycled Materials Category– Entry must be composed entirely of recycled materials and will be rated on creativity in incorporating these recycled materials, effective integration of all the elements, comprehensive theme, composition and technique, and artistic originality.
  2. Judging will occur on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 between 10:30 am and 1:00 pm. Prizes and awards ceremony will be held during our live presentation between 1:15 pm and 2:00 pm.  Awards will be forwarded by mail for winners who are not present during the live presentation.
  3. Division I contestants need not be present to win.
  4. All winning entries will be notified by phone and/or mail.

Division II Rules & Guidelines

Division II Eligibility

Division II participation is by invitation only, limited to eight contestants maximum. This is an individual competition. All lei must be conceptualized, created, and produced by the competing individual. The purpose of this division is to expose the community to master craftsmen in the art of lei-making in an approachable environment and to allow the community to witness and converse with expert lei-makers. Division II contestants will compete by creating three lei with one unifying theme for three separate models. One of the three lei will need to be made onsite during the event. Contestants will be required to interact with the community throughout the day as they create their final lei and to present and discuss their handiwork to a panel of judges in front of a live audience.

Division II Timeline

All Division II contestants must report to the museum by 10:00 am on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 to check in and register. Competition will begin promptly at 10:30 am and will conclude at 1:00 pm with live presentation at 1:15 pm and awards ceremony at 1:45 pm. You must be present for the entire event.

Division II Judging Guidelines

    • All contestants will be required to produce a minimum of three lei. Each entry must be a minimum of 20-inches long and utilized either around the neck (lei `ā`ī) or around the head (lei po`o).  You are allowed to bring two of these three lei pre-made to the competition. One of the three lei must be created and produced from start to completion at the Lei Day Festival during the allotted competition period (3 hours from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm).
    • All contestants must be willing to provide cordial conversation and demonstration to the community of visitors and onlookers during the course of the competition. This conversation and demonstration will allow you to solicit votes from the community and is the basis for the Community Choice Award and accompanying cash prize.
    • All contestants will prepare and deliver a 5-minute, main stage, live presentation of their three lei entries. You must have three separate models for each of the three lei entries.  You may present our sound engineer with a CD for background modeling music or provide live accompaniment.  Please be creative with the onstage presentation within your allotted 5-minute time period.  You must also provide a detailed dialogue about your lei technique, style, and theme.
    • Community Choice Award – Judged and voted on by the community and audience at the Lei Day Heritage Festival. Participants will be asked to nominate their favorite contestant based on presentation and demonstration.
    • All contestants will be judged 50% on technical difficulty, originality, and overall beauty and 50% on cohesive theme of the set of three lei, main stage presentation, and live dialogue by contestant.
    • Each contestant will have an MHS designated table space.
    • You must bring your own supplies and materials.
    • Materials must be predominantly fresh foliage.
    • All supplies and materials will be subject to judge’s examination and approval.