Venue Rentals


Available daily 8 AM - 9 PM
Minimum 2 hour booking

Time Rate
2 Hours $300
4 Hours $500
6 Hours $600
+1 Hour $100


Available Mon - Sat: 10 AM to 4 PM
Minimum 1 hour booking

Type Rate
Commercial $100
Private $50

Parking Fees

Item Rate
50-100 Free
101-150 $50
151-200 $250
201-300 $300
Lighting $160

Ground Rentals

Please schedule an appointment to meet with museum staff by calling (808) 244-3326 or e-mail Our facility can host a maximum of 100 guests. Additional facility requirements and fees will apply for up to 300 guests maximum.

Setup and breakdown time is complimentary. Premises must be cleared within one hour of the scheduled end of the event. 

Because of the precious nature of our historic buildings and grounds, you must obtain prior approval before attaching decorations to the buildings or using stakes. Museum staff and/or volunteer must be present to supervise before setup can begin.

Alcohol may NOT be served unless permission has been obtained from the Executive Director and proof of proper permitting and insurance acquired.

Museum Tour - $50 an hour

Member Discount - 10% off Garden & Hall

Non-Profit Discount - 50% off Garden & Hall
(With 501(c)(3) IRS Letter excluding fundraisers)

* Submit complete application and $100 deposit to reserve your date.