Special Exhibits

Hale Hō'ik'ike at the Bailey House is the home of the Maui Historical Society, whose mission is "to collect, preserve, study, interpret, and share history and heritage of Maui." Since 1951, the Maui Historical Society has been a community repository for Hawaiian, missionary and plantation era artifacts, documents, photographs. A significant portion of our collection is housed in our archives, and is not easily assessable for public view. With the launch of our "E Pulama Mau Ia Maui" Exhibit Series, Maui Historical Society hopes to change this and share these rare cultural and historical treasures with the Maui community and visitors alike.

The series will consist of four special exhibits and associated events per year, one in each quarter, beginning in January of 2017. The Maui Historical Society will design, build and curate these special exhibits using items from our archives, some of which have never been on display before, to showcase throughout our Exhibit Hall. These special exhibits will be coupled with various community events, lectures, and workshops that showcase the themes promoted by the series. The role of the Wailuku District will be a focal point within each theme and its relationship to the greater Maui Community.

Maui Historical Society is reaching out to community partners that may include organizations, businesses and individuals on Maui for support and potential collaboration. The themes that have been selected for the 2017 year will include:

January - March 2017: "Reflections of Our Plantation Past"

This exhibit will honor Maui's plantation history, culture, traditions, and diversity, to coincide with the end of HC&S commercial sugar operations on Maui.

April - June 2017: "Hula: The Traditions of Maui"

This exhibit will highlight the historical and cultural importance that hula continues to have on the island of Maui from past through present.

July - September 2017: "He Aupuni Palapala Ko'u - Early Education on Maui"

This exhibit will explore the evolution of education on Maui (Pre-western contact, missionary, and contemporary).

October - December 2017: "The Role of Christianity on Maui"

The exhibit will focus on the legacy of Christianity on Maui and its continued cultural impact within the various communities on Maui.